Babbis Custom Art Prints

Babbis Lying By Art Prints

Babbis Approved Custom Art Prints

We have for you four different Babbis approved Art Prints on custom matte cardstock. They all measure 8″ by 10″. They are one of a kind, for sure, and no one print will be the same. One has Babbis’ face peering out of a box, the next has a collage of six Babbis beauty shots that says “We Love Babbis” in cursive text, the third has 14 beauty shots of Babbis framing the text of “The Many Faces of Babbis”, and the fourth has 14 pictures of Babbis from when she was a kitten framing the text of “Eat, Play, Sleep. LoveBabbis”. They will all be available for purchase separately. Every purchase will have a substantial amount go directly to one of our local animal rescues.

Babbis Custom Art Prints

Three Available Custom Art Collages

Babbis Peering Out of a Cardboard Box

Babbis in Box Peering

Love Babbis Collage Six Shots

“We Love Babbis” Collage

Many Babbis Faces Collage

“The Many Faces of Babbis” Beauty Shot Collage

Babbis as a Kitten Collage

Baby Kitten Collage “Eat, Play, Sleep.”

Since we unfortunately don’t have a cart set up yet, please drop us an email at LoveBabbis for pricing and availability.

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