Babbis Photo Prints

We also have a selection of photo prints in various sizes of the Babbis!

8″ by 10″ Prints

Glossy 8″x10″ Raccoon Babbis


Matte 8"x10" Fluffy Babbis

Matte 8″x10″ Fluffy Babbis

16″ by 20″ Prints

Matte Babbis Peering Out of Box 16x20"

Matte 16″ by 20″ Babbis Peering Out o Box


4″ by 4″ Matte “Signed” Prints

These prints are from various Instagram posts. See Babbis in the wild, full of beauty and wonder, ready for hijinks and adventure. Created from the posts below:

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