LoveBabbis Store

Welcome furriends! This is my store! I have many delights for you to behold. Have you ever dreamed of having a little bit of Babbis with you all the time? Here’s your chance! Each item is unique and one of a kind. Mammis personally crafts the items with my best beauty shots! You should check back often because new items will be added.

For you, I have many things available already. We have photo books, magnets, art prints, a reusable bag, playing cards, a notebook, a notepad, and other non-Babbis but still cat-related items! Check the selection out below. Also to keep updated about new items and posts, sign up for my Latest Mews newsletter!

Newly Added!


Babbis Peering Out of Cardboard Box

Click Above to See Babbis Approved Custom Art Prints


Babbis Approved Magnets

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Cute Kitty Blanket

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Coming Soon!

A calendar! (This is my very first LoveBabbis calendar!)

An excerpt from my very first calendar!

Another page from my very first calendar!

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