Why Do We Love the Babbis?

Babbis Sitting on Desk

The Real Owner

Babbis has a sassy cattitude,
And a mischievous smile.
Her hair is fluffy like a cloud,
So very much like cotton candy.
Her claws will rip you to shreds,
As she kills you with cuteness.
She takes our love and converts it to purrs,
Then continues the cycle by being adorable.
Her knowing eyes shine like molten gold,
While she deviously plots her next escapade.
The patchwork of spots on her fur
Are like a road map of perfection.
She is a furry artist that makes
Artwork in her litter box studio at 5 AM.
But only after she visits the Mammis in bed for inspiration
And doing kitty calisthenics all over her body.
One must ensure the humans are still alive
And that they are tenderized enough to start the day.

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